I will be taking a brief hiatus from this Live Space for a duration of time
while deciding whether to migrate this blog to
or move it to my official web site
I suggest any regular readers of this blog whose primary interest is in castles to keep checking in at the above URL or this blog.
Any information which remains on this blog during the wait will continue to be available until the decision is made.
Afterward it will either be absorbed onto the England portion of the official web site, migrated to
or placed on a new blog connected to the official web site.
With the possibility of a blog being added to my official web site we will be entering a new phase and future in providing the maximum amount of information to be imparted for each castle photographed and documented.
Plans are underway to make my web site more interactive and user friendly.
Please bear with me while I continue to work on England and Wales and make choices for the future of my books, web site and blog.
My promise is that I will not make you wait for a longer period of time than is necessary to make these decisions
and that you will have an opportunity to see this project expand well beyond your expectations.
Questions?  Confused ?
I can be contacted by private messages. Just hover your mouse over my photo and click Send a Message to do so.
You may also click on Evelyn’s profile and leave a message there at the bottom of the page.
Remember to leave an e-mail address and it can be deleted later upon request.
With lots of affection for your continued interest…
The Castle Lady   

About Evelyn

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