Red may be my only color

Welcome to my new blog ! Bear with me while I turn this into a blog designed for castle photos ! During this time you can peruse the hundreds of entries I’ve already published. Enjoy !

The Castle Lady  



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4 Responses to Red may be my only color

  1. permsoul says:

    Hello Evelyn! I hope wordpres is a good move for you. I kno Doug enjoys it and mine was a smooth move as well. I don’t have as much info on my site but it is a work in process. Hope all is well with you! Hugs to you, Laura T :o)


    • evewall says:

      It’s great to see and hear from you ! It’s always a pleasure to see you and I’ll have to check you out. I’m still trying to get myself completely oriented to WordPress. It does have some great features !
      ; ) kisses and hugs !


  2. hello Evelyn
    comment tu vas par chez toi?
    bon n’étant pas tres à l’aise à déchiffrer la langue anglaise
    j’crois bien que j’irais plus facilement sur ton overblog comme je viens de le faire y’a peu de temps…
    passe une belle semaine
    au plaisir de tes news


    • evewall says:

      Ah, toujours une plaisir a te lire ici, esp. la bulle nouvelle ! Il y a billets certain ou j’ecris en Francais. Je t’envoyais un email. J’essai t’envoye salutations pour ton anniversaire en Janvier mais il se retournez.
      bisous a` toi aussi ! ; )


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