Three Irish Blessings and…

May the saddest day of  your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past.


One of the advanced features I appreciate on WordPress are the statistics but I noticed when I migrated this blog on Valentine’s Day that the counting was started over and that my overall total was lost to sight! Not to worry ! I decided to add up my last total from April 28, 2010 (when we no longer had statistics on which was 40,000 hits and added on the averaged additional hits from that time to the migration. That is: 40,000 + 27,375 + 2,140 = 69,515 hits ! !

Thanks to one and all who come to read and see the castles !

The Castle Lady

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One Response to Three Irish Blessings and…

  1. et bien ça en a fait du monde à te vister sur le blog
    bisous dame evelyn
    passe un beau week-end


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