Castles: Old Stone Poems

In honor of the fact that this is poetry month in the United States (and Jazz appreciation month, as well) I thought this would be a great way to kick off a blitz of poetry I’m going to post this month along with the remainder of west midlands county’s castles. Enjoy !

The Castle Lady

a book review

Down the road from London Bridge
And Pudding Lane and Puddle Dock
There dwells a place of infamy- Of dungeon chain and chopping block

Here jealous kings and wicked queens
Descended stairwells seething.
Off with her head !- simple as that.
Beheadings as easy as breathing.

The grim and gloomy tower
Saw King Henry VIII decide
To end the life of his young wife, Sad maidens at her side.

Down the road from London Bridge
And Puddle Dock and Pudding Lane,
Lovely Anne Boleyn weeps tears- Chilling as winter rain.

© Rebecca Kai Dotlich 2006
from Castles: Old Stone Poems
by J.Patrick Lewis & Rebecca Kai Dotlich
ISBN-13: 978-1-59078-380-1

Thus the book of old stone poems begins and touches on poetry along with the legends of the best known castles of Europe and even Hearst Castle in the United States. The illustrations by Dan Burr will enchant your children with their authentic romanticism of each and every beloved castle for the honest enthusiast or it just might make one of any lucky recipient of such a book. The blurb on the jacket flap says it all:
“Poets, historians, artists and adventurers of all ages are invited to explore the lively, mysterious world of Castles.”
I highly recommend it for children and adult castle lovers alike.

With a poem, a song and castles in the air…

The Castle Lady


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3 Responses to Castles: Old Stone Poems

  1. coucou evelyn
    ça donne bien envie de se procurer le livre dont tu parles par cette extrait de poesie
    dis , est-ce que tu sais si l’ouvrage existe aussi en langue française?
    gros bisous evelyn


  2. Merci pour ton vote “like” et si- c’est un livre tre`s beau avec tel tre`s joli poemes. Peut-etre en francaise bientot ? L’art c’est extraordinaire et j’eu voudrais a` partage’e…
    plusiers des bisous a` toi et tiens ,


  3. alina says:

    i like the poem


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