The Meaning of Gifts ~ l’Intention des Cadeaux

1974 by Rod McKuen
from Seasons in the Sun
ISBN 671-78455-7

pour Gael

Before befriending butterflies
you have to meet with midnight moths.
Perspective comes when poles are far enough apart
to have horizons at both ends.

So trampling through the night together
lying close with moonlight faces
will never be enough.
We’ll have to beat each other down by daylight
to understand why love is love
and why it’s come to us in March
three months ahead of summer.

avec bisous doré sur tranches,

The Castle Lady
Le Chateau Demoiselle

Proverbe du Jour: April is the tuning fork for the summer months ahead. – Rod McKuen


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6 Responses to The Meaning of Gifts ~ l’Intention des Cadeaux

  1. douginator says:

    Gael is great, Scotch-Gael is most excellent and over the top. Speaking about over the top…


  2. douginator says:

    Oh, I enjoyed the article too. Great post!


  3. Evelyn says:

    Hi Doug ! I’m glad you liked the article – on poetry or the Staffordshire lux hotels ? I’m so busy writing any more I don’t know always which articles they may be reading. Have you seen my Rock-n-Roll blog ? Well, that’s been up for awhile but it’s my youngest blog. Good to see you around sweets !

    ; )


  4. coucou Evelyn
    joliment écrit ce texte de Rod McKuen que tu me dédies ma chere amie
    je suis honoré de ta présence ….
    bisous tout plein Evelyn


  5. Evelyn, The Castle Lady says:

    Le plaisir est tout de les miens, bien sur. Un reponse a` un question des papillons. Pour ceux de persuasion Anglais- moths pas des papillons. ; )

    grandes bisous ! Le Chateau Demoiselle

    Play nice now Dougie ! LOL


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