The Bow and the Butterfly

traduction par Evelyn Wallace de l’origine Francais par Bernard Bluteau du son livre de le meme titre.
translation by Evelyn Wallace from the original French by Bernard Bluteau from his book of the same title.

L’arc et le papillon

I have made a bow with a branch of Hazelwood.
I have sculpted fine symbols, passwords, omens.
My bow was so beautiful, my arrows streamlined.
I have become an archer.
My targets were the wind, the clouds but never the living.
My arrows were never poison.
I have run into the forest.
I have taken shelter in the clearings where I strung my bow.
A butterfly poised on my bow.
The arrow flies
and the butterfly leaves in another direction.
That butterfly is freer than myself.

Butterfly kisses from

The Castle Lady


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2 Responses to The Bow and the Butterfly

  1. puzzle says:

    this is lovely, Evelyn!


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