Ask What You Can Do…


Ask not what your mother can do for you…

Ask what you can do for your mother ! 


 For all the Moms of the World !  Love, The Castle Lady


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3 Responses to Ask What You Can Do…

  1. hey girl! long time! im glad you found me 😉 thanks for commenting.

    and happy mother’s day! if you dont have children, but do have pets, thats close enough. every woman has some spirit of motherness in her, regardless of her lifes arrangement.


    • Evelyn says:

      We agree on so many things K ! I was just telling my Mom today that a female doesn’t have to be a mother necessarily to be sympathetic and even empathetic to what it means to be a mother. Our natural instincts give us that ability to nurture and care for all living things. I have been slowly trying to find all my friends on WordPress. You’d think it would be easy but it’s really like having to start over again completely. I’m finding new friends, though, as well so it’s fun now. I love your WordPress web sites. They’re all great !
      The Castle Lady ; )


  2. nokia says: is amazing, bookmarked!


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