Faster Than a Speeding Bullet !

What do you think of these babies ? 

This is not just a pretty chassis, I’ll have you know. These new high-speed trains, which clock at 302 mph at top speed, are the new $34-billion Beijing to Shanghai link which has just opened- and a year ahead of schedule at that ! Apparently, they still haven’t beat the TGV (France) best world record at 357.2 miles per hour but this particular species of bullet-train travel was built to shorten an 818 mile trek in just under five hours instead of ten hours under ordinary travel speeds. The fares vary from $80 to $165, probably depending on what class you are seated in and the intention of a premium class where people could actually sleep or at least lounge in a completely horizontal position was not installed so the higher fare is irrelevant to actual comfort class. You won’t have time to get comfortable. I guess that’s the whole idea. Now we just have to figure out why we’d want to travel from Beijing to Shanghai.

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2 Responses to Faster Than a Speeding Bullet !

  1. Willa Wood says:

    Wonderful post. A little information you might enjoy. My middle granddaughter attended Bible College in Austria. The building was an old castle. This was about 12 years ago. They have since moved the Bible College elsewhere. Willa


    • Evelyn says:

      I believe I know which castle that is because up until very recent years Schloss Mittersill was a full-fledged Bible College. I’m not sure why there was a move out since they always took in vacationers as well. Finances were always a struggle. I sent them money at one time when I was capable of sending money and received a wonderful thank you note from one of the students which had come from Russia ! Thanks for commenting on my blog, by the way. This was one of my ‘fun’ entries.


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