Children of the Sun

In honor of the first official day of summer I thought I’d start it with a summer poem by a favorite poet of mine. Enjoy these rare days because they’re over much too soon.

– The Castle Lady

Come home you children of the sun
enter doorways laughing, lingering
staying for the space of this one

Going only when you’re summoned
to supper and to sleep.
Coming yet another day
to climb my trees
and trample down my roses.
Stretch out upon my grass
exercising your young limbs
in the sandlot game.

Come you children of the sun
save all your unsung songs for me.
Take liberties with my front yard.
Laugh at and with me.
Trust me as you trust each other.

That great ball of fire
stumbles now,
is sinking fast.
Expecting it to roll or stretch
through yet another day
is much too much to ask.
Now come you children
of the yellow sun, begin your games
within the daylight left.

by Rod McKuen
from Seasons in the Sun

Summer kisses, The Castle Lady


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2 Responses to Children of the Sun

  1. puzzle says:

    Nice words – and I like the hairdo of the girls 🙂


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