Have you ever owned one of these ? ? ?

     I’m wondering If I can get replacement parts for mine. Any suggestions ? I’ve looked all over the internet for the sellers and the manufacturers and all I found was a photo of it from a guy with the same exact problem that I had. ( A broken wheel on one of the foot pads.) If you have any idea who I could get in contact with please leave a comment if you can help. I’d sure appreciate it.

You’re sweet as a rose!

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11 Responses to Have you ever owned one of these ? ? ?

  1. désolé Evelyn, je ne peux t’aider dans ta demande
    j’espere que tu trouveras quelqu’un pour ça en tout cas
    bises du jeudi en toute amitié


  2. douginator says:

    FasTrak Fitness, a division of American Harvest, Inc

    /CONTACT: Mary Jo Exley of American Harvest, 612-448-4400, ext. 7734/

    CO: FasTrak Fitness; American Harvest, Inc. ST: Minnesota

    You’re welcome…


  3. Wow. You’re so great Doug ! The name of the company matches the label on my Fast Track but there was no phone number on it and someone threw away my box ! I’ll try them tomorrow. You’re the best sweets !

    BIG HUG AND KISS ! ; )


  4. Sioux says:

    I have located a site that seems reasonable on the cost, I think. Try http://kamway.com/fast-track-replacement-wheels-set-of-8 , they are asking $46.20 (American dollars) for all 8 wheels. Product code. P46033SET. I hope this helps.


  5. Doug says:

    Evelyn, did you find your wheels for this machine? if you did my wife needs the wheels as well


    • Evelyn says:

      Hey Doug ! It’s great to hear from you. Yes. I did get the wheels. I bought them from Kamway and it wasn’t expensive- approx. $40 for all eight. I’m trying to figure out how to get the old ones off. I’m a bit afraid of just tearing them off like they said at Kamway because I’m certain I’d ruin something. I’ll send you the link I have for the page you need to order them. They are definitely the right wheels. Big Kiss ! ; )


    • Evelyn says:

      Here it is Doug. They sent it fast. It only took a week. I’m going to ask a neighbor to take the old wheels off. I’m sure he’ll know what to do. ; )


  6. mike bleecker says:

    I ordered the wheels but they were too small for my Fast track II version. Had to return them.


    • Evelyn says:

      Did you try Kamway.com ? Go to their web site, get the phone number and ask them if they have the wheels for the II version. Mine is the first one they came out with. As a matter of fact, I ordered it off a T.V. ad back in the 90s and I was the 50th buyer so I got extras which included a torso track for half of the cost. Kamway bends over backwards to make sure you get the right wheels if they have them. Good luck.


  7. Evelyn says:

    By the way, to complete the conversation- the wheels definitely worked. The old ones were easy to get off, the new ones were easy to put on and I just might buy some extras to keep this going forever. It uses no electricity and it’s the best workout besides just going for a walk I can think of plus it’s very portable.


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