Christmas Miracles

It’s been quite a year of struggle, opposition and at times, just sheer bad luck. I have to be honest. The fact that I have survived 2011 makes me feel like I’m doing something right but I think I’m ready for an out-and-out, bona fide, in everybody’s face Christmas miracle ! I really missed not having any news about the Nuggets through late summer and autumn. Just when I thought the NBA itself was going to tank everybody finally got back into the game and just the other night the Nuggets won 110-85 against the Phoenix Suns on the Suns home town court for the first exhibition game ! It could be the beginning of a phenomenal season if they keep this up. We’ll find out tonight. Danilo Gallinari scored a game-high of 23 points, which is reassuring, especially since Steve Nash was very present and managed eight assists in less than a half hour on the court. As a matter of fact, Danilo came through with some amazing turnarounds on a close game which gave him a chance to show off a three-pointer and an interesting jump shot in the third quarter, giving the Nuggets an impetus to take over the game when they trailed behind. What did I tell you about Danilo? Was I right ?
Getting back to Christmas miracles, I have discovered the real reason why Hollywood glamour movies were so popular during the depression. It comes down to this- when you’re down on the bottom then ordinary events just melt into the general order of blah. Seeing extraordinary events, fashion, and a flagrant display of wealth and prosperity takes you out of that lonely little spot called your life and into the stratosphere of possibilities. Truth is, I never think of my work on castles as some impossible dream. Part of the reason is because I did make that dream come true. Secondly, I have had some interesting dreams (during sleep) involving castles from the earliest time in my life clear up to the present. I have always been fascinated by architecture although it has been a well-kept secret through most of my life. When I was a teenager the idea of living in a castle felt like a very real possibility and I still think that way. I can just picture myself living in a castle just like the one above.
A Christmas miracle, however, can be lots of nice surprises. I prefer those to most of the gifts and perks I have received by request. I am a very down-to-earth person although it may not seem like that when you read my writing. I probably come across as a bit of a dreamer which is not a bad thing but it isn’t really me. I watched a show the other night in which Lady Gaga was being interviewed by Gautier, the fashion designer. Of all the subjects they touched on, Stephanie (her real name) seemed more intent on talking about how she wanted to be famous more than anything else. She has certainly achieved fame but when it came to the actual subject of music the conversation turned a bit sour as she related that although she had been given a rare chance to go to an exclusive performing arts school in New York she ended up quitting and started playing in bars. She admitted to partying but insisted that she didn’t do drugs and during the hour-long interview she seemed to revel in just being famous. Obviously, there are quite a few perks to fame but I’ve made mental note of the nefarious drawbacks through the years. As a privacy-oriented person I would find it difficult to tolerate the cons of a famous lifestyle. A lot depends on the character of the fans, don’t you think ?
It is for that reason that I hope to appeal to people who are just as enthralled as myself by the romance and reality of castles. It is my quest to help people understand the je ne sais quoi about these romantic edifices to which we are drawn and why it seems as if each and every castle is like a country waiting to be discovered. I don’t know if my being a celebrity would make them more exciting but if I thought it would get the attention of people who were formerly indifferent to castles and architecture then I wouldn’t mind putting myself up there for the sake of my cause. It’s a great cause and one I firmly believe in.

When you think about it, a Christmas miracle could be a million dollar check paid to yours truly which would probably blow me out of the water. I’ve never had anyone throw that kind of money at me but I’d like to find out what it’s like ! Don’t we all feel that way, sometimes? At the beginning of his career, Jim Carey was on Oprah’s show and told her before he set out on his career that he wrote a huge check to himself for a million dollars believing that would be the stimulus he needed to make it in Hollywood. I’ve thought about that quite a bit and decided it’s basically like giving yourself permission to make that kind of money. So many people are held back financially because they have devalued themselves in their mind. No doubt we have to bring our integrity and sense of excellence up to higher levels but that doesn’t happen until you have convinced yourself that you can do it. It’s just like the Little Engine that Could !

The best Christmas miracle I can conjure up in my mind, however, would be to receive a gift certificate to a spa! Having been in the beauty business all these years has helped me to understand and appreciate the value of being able to take advantage of luxurious pampering such as foot massage and relaxing facials. For many years, treating myself to spa services had been a priority and I believe it shows on me. I think all women should definitely take the time for little pleasures like these. I know that I was unaware of how hard I worked until I sat down for an hour or two to get personal services for myself. For me, they are necessary in the long run for dealing with stress and strain and affording these occasional splurges can be as easy as giving up one or two other non-necessities. Remember, you will be investing in yourself if you take the time and spend the money for spa luxuries or services.
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One Christmas miracle chalked up,
many more to come…

Christmas cheer from The Castle Lady

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One Response to Christmas Miracles

  1. et bien voilà un billet bien interressant ma belle du chateau
    j’aimerais y croire aux miracles…!…mais comme j’ai pas vu ! hihihi
    le plus beau des miracles serait le combat contre la maladie sans que personne ne fasse rien juste par un claquement des doigts! ce serait merveilleux d’avoir un don parfois et de pouvoir exiger de tels choses
    mais parfois les dons pourrissent l’être humain donc….
    je m’éloigne du sujet là je crois ! hihihi
    bisous Evelyn


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