Florissant… Each Spring

On another shore
we turned toward the future
Seeking solace in each other
heartache? hardships? sorrow?
That was other people- elsewhere- not us
not where we stood.

I remember the sun smiling in that broad
expansive fashion which
Filled us with wonder at the beauty
in blue skies with clouds of gossamer
Singing tides of gull cries
and searing exclamations.

Night fell. Gray skies and an ebbing tide appeared.
Why did we so suddenly leave ?
We were so happy there.
I would have preferred not to awake
than to find you gone- displaced
like my heart, doubly disgraced
with loneliness and rejection.

Each spring pushes up
flowers with soft petals
buds and tender blades of grass
And your face is contained in each one.
Here comes the irrepressible longing to see you
In a million faces of nature’s bounty
it never ends….
© March 29, 2012 by Evelyn Wallace
No reproductions of any kind without written permission

With a million kisses,

The Castle Lady

About Evelyn

The Castle Lady Official web site: www.ilovecastles.com other blogs: ilovecastles.blogspot.com evelynsrockpages.blogspot.com evelyns-nailsforlife.blogspot.com
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One Response to Florissant… Each Spring

  1. vraiment wowww et superbe ton texte Evelyn
    c’est rare de te lire de cette maniere là et ça fait un bien fou aussi bien pour nous que pour toi…
    je comprend pas pourquoi peu de personnes viennent à commenter ton blog
    je le trouve extra et assez varié…le pourquoi de ma fidélité à te visiter
    bisous Evelyn et bon dimanche à toi


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