Earth Day Celebration ! !

 by Patrick McDonnell  

Just get out there and do it !

with healthy earth kisses,

The Castle Lady♥


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4 Responses to Earth Day Celebration ! !

  1. Katie Mauldin says:

    Evelyn: Albiet a bit late, “HAPPY EARTH DAY!” I am writing to you because in my quest for a vintage card that I love & adore, you are the only site I have ever seen it on and I have been looking for years. I even contacted Mary herself, but to no avail. On Feb. 14, 2008 you posted Mary Engelbreit’s card, “Broken Heart….”His heart broke open and all the tears……”
    Please, Please, Please tell me that you would sell said card or know who owns one that would be open to selling it or where I might find one. It is so personal to me, as it is intertwined with the loss of my very best male-evolved friend in the world who made his “transition” unexpectedly, quickly & too early (for my own selfishness.) I realize this has nothing to do with Castles, but I too am a lover of the romantic and if it helps, I do have a large framed print of the “Lady of Shallot.” 🙂 I look forward to your response. God speed, lovely lady. Katie


    • Evelyn says:

      Hi Katie ! I do have the card which is now part of a framed heirloom. I certainly am surprised and glad that someone has such similar feelings that I have for it. You may DL the photo to do a web search on e bay or some other auction site. It may not be as rare as we believe. Do let me know if you find it and if you’d like a large source of the image I do have one and can perhaps send it to you. Do you have Messenger ?
      All the best, The Castle Lady ; )


      • Katie Mauldin says:

        Evelyn, Thank you for your prompt response. I have searched all the auctions for several years, as I said, but no luck. I would most definitely be interested in obtaiing the larger image if it has the same quotation under it. I haven’t a clue what “Messenger” is (electroically challenged I guess) and don’t know where you are. If you would be kind enough to let me know how to obtain said piece and the cost + shipping, I would be ever so grateful. Why do I think you may be in Europe, as “Messenger” sounds very much like United Parcel Service delivery in the U.S. Thank you again for your reply; just the thought that I might obtain this precious piece has made my heart glad! Be well-Katie


  2. Copeland says:

    Thanks for putting this up.


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