I have decided to get a bit nostalgic here if only for the sake of taking a deep breath and looking behind me for about fifteen minutes. Didn’t it seem like it took me an eon to cover the west midlands of England? I’ve been working on those seven counties since February of 2010 and I didn’t think any end was in sight. This time I can put some real emphasis on putting the pedal to the metal to get England done and move on to Wales. I feel like I’ve been neglecting so much of what is out there and I never had any intention of taking so long for one area even though the western portion of England is rather intrinsic to Wales castle heritage as well, despite the struggle between these two factions during that period of time.
Wales coverage is imperative and will be covered very soon because as we move further south of England there aren’t quite as many castles as the north or the Yorkshires- the latter of which I have found nineteen more castles I didn’t cover during the second half of 2006 ! I did manage to thoroughly reveal Northumberland, of course, even though it took eight large entries to cover in the span of four months during which time I was relentless in completing the task. Did you notice that I took a sabbatical during the month of July in 2008? That’s because I came pretty close to burning myself out completely.
Luckily, I love castles so much I got right back in the saddle, so to speak, and did a wonderful spread on Chateau de Chillon in Switzerland in August that summer. Then I had a great idea on laying down basic tutorials on castles in September and October that same year. A large amount of my hits on this blog are usually on those tutorials so lots of people are getting educated about castles in England. I can truly say that all this work I’m doing is a labor of love and I will continue as long as I am able. I am also hoping I can pass the torch to someone who loves castles as much as myself when the time comes. Anybody ? ?
You’re probably wondering what is next so without any further chitchat I’m going to forge ahead by covering Gloucestershire as part of southwest England and also Oxfordshire so that I can finish the job I started on the southeast when I covered Blenheim Palace back in February of 2008 or the extremely weird but fascinating Malmaison Oxford Castle in May of 2009. Any new readers out there have a lot of catching up to do and I hope this gives you a new found passion which will keep you thoroughly entertained.
I have a nice surprise for everyone. Before this year is up I plan to get my web site back on track for putting up my England work on there and hopefully more of the rest of Europe as time permits. I will be putting up a guest list soon in which you will also be able to put in a bid to secure a first edition copy of my first guide book “The Castle Lovers Guide to England”™. A secure store will also be added so you can purchase the books I’ve already published and see the forthcoming list of titles along with projected dates for their publication. Things are really happening this year even though it has looked like a desert for too long. Look for it….. it’s coming !  
Even though I don’t usually put forth highly personal information about my life on this blog I wanted to mention to everybody that my poor, dear mother fell in the middle of the night on the first day of summer in June and she hit her head bad enough to cause some internal bleeding in her head as well as a flesh wound. She has spent quite a bit of time in hospital but is on the mend and doing better than expected. If everyone who is willing will take about five minutes each day and say a little prayer for her recovery then I am certain everything is going to be alright and she’ll be as right as rain before we realize it. Thanks so much for your readership support and thank you ahead of time for any and all who will pray. May God bless your household sevenfold !

Your ever faithful

Castle Lady


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3 Responses to Retrospect

  1. et bien y’en avait des choses à lire sur cet article
    et bien tu sais quoi ton ouvrage sur les chateaux j’aimerais bien l’avoir un jour, pas suûr que tu fasses une version en français mais pas grave
    tu as écrit combien d’ouvrage au faite exactement et ou peut-on y voir une liste de ceux-là?
    désolé de savoir pour ta maman, que sa santé prenne la bonne forme en réeducation
    bien amicalement à toi et bisous Evelyn


    • Evelyn says:

      J’espere- un jour- le traduction de England & Wales en francais et le traduction de France Chateaux et citadels en anglais. C’est mon aspiration aussi. Bien sur il exiger une equiper pour ceux ouvrages. ; )


  2. Evelyn says:

    Bon recu tes mots aussi. Bon bisous @


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