Summer’s Hottest Reads ?

Well, that depends on who you ask. I saw an article in the June 10th Parade which told how the Castle series star, Nathan Fillion, grew up in a family that encouraged reading because both his parents were English teachers. That is certainly pressure enough but apparently he developed an affinity for reading because of this favorite family pastime and he still practices the literary lifestyle in his free time even when he is on the set. Furthermore, this 41 year old actor says he still reads actual books in preference to Kindles and Nooks and says, “The smell, having it in your hands- there’s really no substitute.” I concur, of course.
His choices this summer are slightly offbeat rather than mainstream although they are current. His list included Close to Shore: A True Story of Terror in an Age of Innocence by Michael Capuzzo, A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin, World War Z by Max Brooks and The Spenser detective novels by Robert B. Parker. The first is a true account of a series of shark attacks that occurred on the New Jersey coastline almost a hundred years ago. The parallel with the JAWS movie of the 70s was an attraction for him. All the rest of the titles are fiction with the second part of a series written by Mr. Martin (started with the title Game of Thrones), an end times book illuminating a war between humans and zombies and a literary version of Spenser: For Hire which was a popular TV series in the 80s starring Robert Urich. Interestingly, Robert Urich was the 80s equivalent of the same type of character Nathan portrays on his ABC show which will go into its fifth season this year! In keeping with his proclivities he became the co-founder of the Kids Need to Read literacy program which provides the necessary books to schools and libraries in need and those who subscribe to the program. To find out more about it you can go to Tell them The Castle Lady sent you, okay ?

While everyone else goes in for light reading during the summer, I tend to go into much heavier fare each year for some reason. Maybe it’s because reading time in summer is usually a lot more quiet with less distractions and I can really dig into what I’m reading. Biographies are my favorite type of reading so this year’s choices have been two books on Edgar Cayce who is considered the father of holistic medicine and the most offbeat psychic of the U.S. gaining international status before his untimely death in 1945 at the age of 67. The first book was written by Thomas Sugrue with the title There is a River: The Story of Edgar Cayce and was the approved biographer by Edgar Cayce himself because he also became a ‘patient’. The epilogue includes ten of the 30,000 readings he gave during forty two years of his life. I found this book to be very sensitive to the subject with a delightful insight practically mirroring my own views concerning healing and the source of such gifts. It is not hard to understand why Thomas Sugrue became a very close friend of the Cayce family.
The second book The Sleeping Prophet came out much later, in the 60s, well after Edgar’s death and was written by a well-known journalist of the time, Jess Stearn, who took a very objective but well documented view with a lot of fairness considering the belief-stretching subject for agnostics. If you enjoy biographies and are curious about the supernatural I highly recommend reading these books in the order I just gave. I plan to post an entry on the subject of Edgar Cayce in the near future to express a few of my own views concerning his life. It will be a precursor to an historical non-fiction book in my plans about Cayce’s early life in his hometown of Hopkinsville and the trials and tribulations concerning the avocation which dominated and reshaped this humble man’s life. I guarantee these two books will be fascinating reading for anyone but my book is going to take you to a new level of enlightenment concerning his early involvement in the supernatural and the coming apostasy which is already in motion and changed Mr. Cayce’s foundation which thrives even today in the same town in which it was established.

Whatever your own personal choices are this year- here’s wishing you…

Happy Reading

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