As summer movies go….

MIB3 filled the bill this year even though I am not a huge fan of this type of movie. The Men in Black movies have been more of a humorous and out-there version of the ever popular OO7s and with the twist of being centered on the theme of aliens- the ET kind, of course. Agent J, played by Will Smith, gives all these movies an amiable type of humor that you don’t have to worry about sitting well with your mother-in-law or your mother if she happens to come along for the ride. For me, last Thursday, it was Mom and doing quite well, thank you. It was hard to tell if she enjoyed it because- for the first thing, she didn’t see the first or second MIB and for the second- she’s recovering from being hospitalized three times this summer so it hasn’t exactly been a pleasant tilt-a-whirl ride for her, you dig. As we were leaving the theatre I believe I heard her say, “That was weird.” I’m not surprised because those were my exact words when I saw the first MIB for the first time, as well. I laughed and said, “Yeah. That’s MIB. They’re weird.”
If this one needed a subtitle it would have been Back to the Future in Reverse but it was refreshing because seeing Agent K (played by Tommy Lee Jones, of course) as a young man of the fifties (played by Josh Brolin and very convincingly I might add) gave the entire collection of movies a great reference point. All the aliens looked like the kind you would see in movies made during that era which gave me more than a few free chuckles. The fun part is that most of the people in the theatre hadn’t a clue about what was so humorous. I think I saw every horror movie ever made from Saturday night T.V. as far back as I can remember. The only creature missing in this time-traveler was the Blob. (You can look that up on IMdB later.)
Throughout the series Agent K and Agent J have this rocky alliance as partners which only seems to work in the way they bounce one-liners off each other and besting by each second. If for any reason you thought this banter was getting old then the finale will blow you away. Their relationship finally becomes illuminating at the end of MIB3 in such an unexpected and touching way it will knock an MIB fan right out of the proverbial Hollywood Bowl. Who knew ? If you haven’t seen it and it has stopped playing at the local dollar movie theatre then rent or buy the DVD when it comes out. If you haven’t seen any of the movies then here’s a chance to see something entertaining, wacky and put you on the edge of your seat in excitement. You don’t have to see all three to enjoy this particular film but I do recommend seeing them all and maybe in the proper sequence. Why not?

Summer’s still young isn’t it ?

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