The Skating Subculture

 Having once been a part of the roller-skating phenomenon which stretched from the late 70s clear into the mid-90s of the previous century I understand what makes skaters so dedicated and faithful to their pastime and/or lifestyle. As a world in and of itself, no one outside of it really understands and those who are insiders enjoy a type of fraternity and/or sorority that is loyal, rich in creativity and unsurpassed in sheer enjoyment. It’s the one type of activity adults can indulge in and be as childish as they feel like acting and get away with it. At any rate, it’s a very freeing experience that I have never felt in any other recreation and is worth the price of admission for the exhilaration alone. Sometimes shooting baskets feels that way- on a good scoring day.
If you think that the roller derby is a true example of this lifestyle then you are missing out on the real deal concerning what it is about and why people are so faithful to get out there every week or so. Don’t get me wrong about the difference. I suppose I liked watching the old roller derby bouts and matches as well as anybody else did and more than a few times. The regular rinks and raves, however, are a thing apart- and how ! It is always a guaranteed good time and you can start at your own pace and build up. There’s no pressure when it comes to skaters because they are generally just a fun-loving group and are very empathetic to the beginner. Just don’t push your luck. I didn’t say it isn’t competitive but I doubt you’ll get in a fist fight.
I happened to spy a new club in my local newspaper just a week ago. When I looked up their web site I found that a lot of major cities were participating in skate raves including my own town. Their raves are very colorful and fun according to the photographs they’ve put up. If you click you’ll be able to find out more about these raves and how to join.
I won’t lie. Skating is not for everyone but I believe everyone should try it once to see if they take to it. I’ll never forget seeing one woman, many years ago, who used to attend a skate rink I haunted every weekend along with my skate pals. ( We called ourselves Skate Addicts and we had our own newsletter and web site.) Apparently she was the wife of one of the Skate Addicts and she hung onto the wall which circles the rink and would drag her feet along trying to stay vertical. She would manage to get all the way around the rink an indeterminate amount of times in this fashion. It was truly pathetic. In retrospect I suppose her arms got a great workout, however. I don’t believe she was dedicated or exhilarated but her desire to keep an eye on her husband must have kept her motivated- thus far. I wonder if he was worth the aggravation?
You can get an idea from this example that it really isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it is a worthwhile activity for the young at heart and body and the wildly adventurous people of the world. We are a spirited lot and nothing gets us down. If we happen to fall down we just get back up again and we seldom fall. We’re having too much fun to fall. Attitudes get checked at the door and exhilaration takes over once your skates hit that wooden or marble floor. Take along any and all friends who are just like you and watch magic happen for two to three hours. I guarantee that you’ll feel better, too. It’s the best and most fun exercise in the world. See you at the rink !
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