Lucy the Tortoise – My Big Adventure

a book endorsement

Last year a Denver pet, in the form of a very large turtle, became internationally famous by inadvertently getting lost and showed up in the most likely place- a feed store. With the help of the media and a very nice bus driver Lucy the Tortoise was returned safely to her family, the Rockleys and she now offers a wonderful illustrated children’s book about all the adventures and mishaps during her short time away from home, with the help of Sheila Rockley, of course. Some real life characters are meant to be immortalized in a very real way and this is especially true of Lucy even though some of her adventures get a little rough at times. Any child can learn through Lucy’s experiences and that’s the beauty of it. With illustrations by Taikkefer Long the story is charming, whimsical and just a lot of fun.
It is being sold through their own outlets- two businesses not far from the Denver Metro area at Rockley Music which happens to be one of the best music stores in North Denver and Rockley Arts of Westminster and it also happens to be available on the internet at Amazon in printed and e-book form. Lucy has made some personal appearances at book signings and a particularly lively one took place at Rockley Arts less than a month ago which gave children a chance to view and pet their hero. She’s a creature of few words like most authors, of course. Check out her web site at:

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4 Responses to Lucy the Tortoise – My Big Adventure

  1. voilà un livre qui semblera bien interessant à lire !!!!
    bisous Evelyn !!!


  2. Richard says:

    This reminds me of the film “Finding Nemo”. I watched it with my children when they were young some years ago. We used to watch films together on most Saturdays, and we would like to go to different cinemas. On that occasion I drew a map and drove for an hour through different towns across London to reach that particular cinema. Now, looking back, I suppose the trip was worth it because I still remember vividly what happended that day. There is nothing like bonding with your children, even though you do not talk during the movie. Thank you for writing the article about Lucy the Tortoise. It brings me back sweet memory.


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