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Adam_Ant_OstrichP_Does this strange number remind you of anything? It reminds me of a lot of things but Adam Ant is only one of them. It is called an Ostrich Pillow and I’ll bet you’re wondering what this could possibly do for anyone. The inventors describe it as a micro environment in which to take a warm and comfortable power nap at ease. It is not a pillow, cushion, bed or garment but a bit of each all at the same time. The soothing cave-like interior shelters and isolates both your head and hands which makes it perfect for a power nap. It is designed for use just about anywhere but the suggestions range from your office desk, on a bench, the train or while you wait at the airport for your flight. Would you be surprised that this curiosity was invented by two architecture students by the last names of Kawamura and Ganjavian? I didn’t think so.

Because this item goes out of their area of studies but obviously someone has made use, it has probably been mistakenly categorized on several counts. Public use should be outright anathema for obvious reasons. There’s no need to scare children and pets in your quest to get some good sleep somewhere. The extraneous uses that no one wanted to mention is what I want to go into here. I’m a firm believer in getting as much possible use out of purchases as one may and this is no exception. The Ostrich Pillow made my imagination soar.
Hear me out. As a head piece for a Halloween costume this is a shoe in. How many people come to a costume party as an ant ? It won’t prevent noshing at the party either. Righteous ! Then there is the opportunity to tune out your neighbors dogs while sleeping. Tell me you would be able to hear anything with that contraption on your head ! In fact, the security for your head would be awesome considering that this thing would soften blows about a hundred times better than any helmet you can think of from medieval times clear up to the present. Can’t you just see Sir Lancelot and the Black Knight duking it out on the straightway with these on their heads instead of the metal helms they did wear? It’s true there are no slits for the eyes but surely they could be modified for their purpose.   Inthebleachers__12_9_3_SteveMoore
If the sound of a dentist’s drill drives you nuts you could don this before your annual or semi-annual check-up and at the nail salon too, since the dremel drills come pretty close to being every bit as obnoxious a noise. This would be phenomenal for soccer matches if you can get the eye modification worked out. No more life-changing head traumas ! On that track you could deflect bullets, hide curlers, impersonate piñatas, audition for Saturday Night Live and out cool any E.T. alien which might be hanging around on our planet all at the same time.
It’s true that I’ve done other blog entries on travel fads and new ideas but none have been this fun or funny and I hope our inventors keep it up because we all could use a laugh these days. Nicht war ?

With The Castle Lady everyday is another chance to laugh !

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