Why did Superstorm Sandy happen?

sandyhurricane-1029Apparently a lot of people think that Sandy happened because of climate change or global warming and certainly many people know that disasters were predicted for the New York area many years ago by none other than Edgar Cayce. However, the truth is not quite so mysterious as one would think although the actual cause was a very unusual incident- a coincidence, if you will. This is basically what happened ( and remember I’m no meteorologist just trying to set everyone’ s mind back to actualities and plausible causes).
Where a front such as Sandy would normally go out to sea and beyond, this particular time, it met with a large high-pressure system that was hovering over Canada. Some people thought a nor’easter was responsible but this is just not the case. The high pressure system prevented the massive cold front from heading north and set it in a direction churling back west. Although Sandy did travel about 300 miles over open water before making a drastic drop it gathered momentum along with all that massive precipitation. An intermittent jet-stream reversal made the momentum even stronger and used the precipitation and ice like a locomotive fuel. This all coincided with a full moon, earth and sun lineup which increased the gravitational pull on the tide, making it lift much higher than normal. Result: A storm of proportionately massive levels hitting an area which has been rarely hit by such storms. Global warming may have made a small contribution in that the sea level is a bit higher than it was a century ago but certainly not enough to have increased the danger by those proportions. If the moon had been further away from earth by landfall it would have been an even more severe storm.

Acknowledgement and thanks for valuable information goes to Marilyn vos Savant for her answer to a Parade Magazine reader.

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