Fifty Years of 007

Bond_50I don’t claim to be the greatest fan of 007. The Bond movies started before my movie-going time- nor have I felt the need to make up for the loss. Those I have seen- For Your Eyes Only is one that stands out in my memory- did leave a favorable impression of the main hero who, of course, was Bond- James Bond. Sean Connery was a James Bond that made perfect sense in the 70s when he made Diamonds are Forever. He was a playboy with a sense of humor but could immediately become quite serious when danger was imminent or the situation called for quick and daring moves. All his special spy gizmos and equipment were an endless source of amusement which was great for kids. I loved all the stunts and the entertainment value on that premise alone was phenomenal. Or is that pheno-mental ? Talk about suspending credibility ! At any rate you can see that my experience of the quintessential Bond is rather three-dimensional. (Yes. I meant to say it that way !) I will always conjure up a mental picture of Connery any time the name James Bond is mentioned. He was talked about as the most handsome Bond of all very often in women’s circles which made him legendary in the prestigious role.
That being said, when I went to get a good long look of the new Bond movie shortlyBond_Skyfall_2012 before they aired the Academy Awards on the 24th, I don’t know what I was expecting when I went into the already darkened theater with the theme song, which Adele handled so well, just starting up. Skyfall was a shock for me on many premises. I remember reading a review of Casino Royale in 2006, when Daniel Craig inherited the Bond role, saying something drivel-y about his demeanor. It didn’t add up against the Bond I knew well. I never did see Pierce Brosnan in his Bond films so I will not attempt to make a comparison. I did have the pleasure to see Roger Moore’s version of Bond on several occasionsThe Spy Who Loved Me and Live and Let Die are memorable- and I felt he had a more demure air than Connery but equally as handsome. That is, of course, a matter of taste, I suppose.
I found upon getting well into Skyfall that what I had read six years ago had nailed this Bond right on the head- if you’ll excuse the pun! I found him to be humorless even with some of the obvious lighter moments of the movie which are rather few. Toward the last part of the movie I sustained my presence in the theater by resorting to a certain amount of ethnic national pride- being born a Scotsperson myself- but my hysterical little whimpers really didn’t help much. With Skyfall I drowned in shock and almost went under with the violence. Coupled with the obvious undertone that implied that Bond was washed up, worn out and no longer even a good shot- well, let’s just say that I walked out of the movie theater vowing never to see another 007 film. The best part was definitely Adele’s song.

It’s really a clear sign of the times. Almost all of regular T.V. these days is primarily murder mystery shows with CSI and Cold Case series leading the way. The only show I watch on a regular basis anymore is Shark Tank because it’s more fun to hear people talk about money than murder, in my opinion. What’s more, I’m mourning the passing of James Bond. The handsome devil-may-care spy with a winning smile has been replaced by a dour old man with a delusion of sexiness. I would recommend the set which came out recently only because you’ll get to see what was so great about James Bond before he was overcome with the modern deluge of ultraviolence which permeates our society.

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One Response to Fifty Years of 007

  1. 50 ans de bons et loyaux services pour sa majesté du royaume uni et tout cela sans prendre une ride ! chapeau les artistes !!! et longue vie encore à 007
    bisous evelyn


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