margaret-thatcher-2013-3a_s1To all those who mourn her passing I want to wish the strongest of condolences to the adherents and family of Margaret Thatcher. Whatever else anyone thought or felt toward her- she was a woman of true convictions, action and verve- some would say nerve. Regardless, I must say that I admired her on many counts and am glad that she truly tried to make an improved difference in the world and her country specifically. I shared her love of country concerning my own. May she rest in peace.

Please check out my October 2012 entry on The Iron Lady.

With sincerity,

The Castle Lady

“If you want something said, ask a man: if you want something done, ask a woman.”

Margaret Thatcher, May 20, 1965



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2 Responses to Reprise

  1. Richard says:

    Margaret Thatcher’s death is all over the news in the UK. She divided opinions amongst the Bristish public in life and in death. Some people loathed her and some people loved and admired her. My impression is that there are more people who admired her than loathed her. I have long admired her for her sheer determination and conviction, and her can-do attitude which gave a lot of people aspiration. Next Wednesday she will be buried with full military honour as that accorded to the late Queen Mother. This shows how esteemed she was held in the eyes of the Royal family and many politicians both in the UK and abroad. In recent years she attended very few public functions due to ill health, but she unveiled a bronze statue of herself in the Houses of Parliament, remarking that she would have preferred it in iron (referring to Iron Lady), but bronze would do.


    • Evelyn says:

      Thank you for the additional input which is very authoritative. It’s always good to know what’s going on over there on the other side of the pond.

      Kisses ! Evelyn ; )


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