The Celestial Railroad

Nat_Hawthorne(p 808)

Even though the following is only an excerpt, it’s relevance to my usual subject, being that of castles, I am hoping to create a double interest. One cannot review a story like this one, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, casually or otherwise. Merely pointing someone in the direction of reading it, in its entirety, is all that is necessary in my opinion. After reading The Celestial Railroad you will never again think the same way about Heaven or Hell and it gives so much preponderance that you must return to it again and again for a look at the state of your soul. Ponder away. – The Castle Lady

Near the end of a fast-paced but long, educational and interesting train ride to the Celestial City the narrator of the story  sees something which he’s perhaps never seen before- a restored castle…


The next remarkable object was a large edifice, constructed of moss-grown stone but in a modern and airy style of architecture. The engine came to a pause in its vicinity, with the usual tremendous shriek.

“This was formerly the castle of the redoubted giant Despair,” observed Mr. Smooth-it-way, “but, since his death, Mr. Flimsy-faith has repaired it, and now keeps an excellent house of entertainment here. It is one of our stopping places.”
“It seems but slightly put together,” remarked I, looking at the frail but ponderous walls. “I do not envy Mr. Flimsy-faith his habitation. Someday it will thunder down upon the heads of the occupants.”

With a whole lot more faith than that,


The Castle Lady

Author’s note: My condolences to those who lost loved ones at the Boston Marathon and prayers for the injured. Bon courage !

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