Fall in Love Everyday ?

Remem_Sun_AlexisB_ZachLOn April 21st I watched a marvelous Hallmark Special on ABC TV titled Remember Sunday and it really was quite special in its subject matter. The producers and actors did a phenomenal job of handling the touchy subject of mental depreciation and turned it into a truly sensitive and positive story. Starring Alexis Bledel and Zachary Levi as the precarious couple, their meeting and subsequent familiarization is a journey of the spirit and mind showing the compassion so rarely depicted in most dramas touching on the subject of mental illness today.
At the very beginning you know that Zachary’s character, Gus, has a problem with a specific type of amnesia rendering him incapable of remembering past the time of a trauma/injury which made his long term memory his only reference point in life. The beginning scene sets the tone with a conversation between Gus, his sister and his doctor in which they speak about what is known and what is not known about his condition. The problem makes for a very precarious life situation and it shows in Gus’s attitude. Later on in the drama he meets Molly and everything changes. Because his memory is arrested to a certain point in time one can only guess whether he will remember her the next day. Then something extraordinary happens. Instead of remembering her, he falls in love with her, afresh, every day. The tag line of this show is ‘Who says you can’t fall in love every day?’ Nevertheless, the conclusion, as heartwarming as it should be, is illuminated by his sister who points out all the challenges she faced when it was her alone dealing with his condition. The end is as precarious as the beginning but optimistic with Molly resolving to stick by him, regardless.
What made for a very charming but also very challenging drama between their characters and real life got me thinking more and more on the subject. From personal experience I know that dealing with any mental aberration on the part of a loved one does require more of a person than is commonly required and is not so charming, often, in reality. Love is work anyway but this particular type of situation can become intolerable at times and requires more of a person than common kindness. Only someone especially persevering and determined to prevail with love could make such a relationship work. There is no room for any kind of selfishness on the part of the person who has to cope with a patient such as this, no matter how close they are- and indeed the closeness may make it more difficult. Remember Sunday gives us hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel when love is added to the equation but the sentimentality makes us ill-prepared for the actuality of this kind of life. It all depends on the type of faith one holds for love and if you believe that love is stronger than death you can do it.

Bon Courage,

2013 April 008

The Castle Lady


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2 Responses to Fall in Love Everyday ?

  1. Richard says:

    There are different kinds and degrees of love depending on the relationship of the persons involved. But generally love gives pleasure, hope, faith and determination leading to better health, happiness, achievement and success. True love knows no boundary and is selfishless. It is more beautiful than anything in nature.


    • Evelyn says:

      All true. What is also true is that mentally ill people make loving behavior a challenge. If one wants to test their ability to love this is a true test. Thanks for your comment Richard. We sure think a lot alike. ; )


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