Mother’s Day ~ a poignant time

Mother’s Day is going to be difficult this year. I miss talking to Mom and I miss our friendship. I’ve told a lot of her friends that I could never replace her with a single other friend and those who knew her well certainly understand my words. At this point I’m willing to challenge anyone. Please at least try to replace Mom with whatever you have to offer. That would truly be silly, though, because it would be impossible. At any rate I decided that I would publish a few items that Mom wrote which grabbed my attention, recently. I’m finding her writing everywhere when I go through papers and often it appears she was leaving messages behind for me. She was a very clever woman and had a bit of the prophet in her- a true Baroque woman. Not only that but this first part is an interesting correspondence to the entry I put up on April 16th which I titled E’en though this be the cruelest month…

Friday November 14, 2008
O ye pearl of great price.
Because a pearl came from the sea and not from the earth, it was considered unclean and could not be worn. The sins of all were compared to that of an unclean pearl- thus Jesus said- a pearl of great price.

Sanctify me by your truth- your word is truth. Unless I am born of water and of the Spirit, I cannot enter the Kingdom, Lord God. Not by works of righteousness which I do but according to your mercy you saved me by the blood-renewing of your Holy Spirit. Your word has given me life because of your mercy. I am free and walk in eternal life.

This next one is so deep I’ve read it over several times and I have decided that sheOPenBook wrote it about her mother when she passed away in the late 80s. My grandmother passed away at the age of 96 but Mom said the desire to talk to her, periodically, never went away. She can talk to her anytime now. She speaks to me in this one and solidifies my feelings these past seven months.

Least I forget-
I thought about you this morning.
You are just a memory now
a thing of the past.
Thing. That’s a strange word for a person.
I heard your laughter
in my thoughts.
Your smile and tears
your anger and your joy.
Most of all your patience and hope.
I miss you. As always, you exist
as long as I remember your ability to love.

The second one is uncharacteristic of her usual optimism but I believe she was expressing the frustration of not being able to speak to her mother. My grandmother was always high in her regard and I know she had a deep abiding love for both her parents. I never heard her say anything bad about either one of them. As a matter of fact she always held people in comparison to the way her parents conducted themselves and how they handled difficult times and problems. I don’t know how much I learned about people by listening to my Mom speak of both her parents but if I show exceptional wisdom in my words I can thank my mother for telling me all about both of them. She was a lot like my grandmother who always had an old saying or just the right words for any situation.
In closing I only wish to say, “I love you” to my Mom and anybody reading this because I know she would want me to say that and nothing pleased me more than making my mom smile.

Happy Mother’s Day one and all,

Mom_Just4The Castle Lady


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4 Responses to Mother’s Day ~ a poignant time

  1. I’m sure your mom knows how much you loved and appreciate her, and she is looking down on you and is so proud.


  2. Richard says:

    Dear Evelyn,
    I share your thoughts from across the pond. People move on but memory stays.
    With best wishes


    • Evelyn says:

      Thanks for the kind words. No one can really prepare themselves for the separation that death puts on a close relationship. It’s a case of finding out when you get there and I’ve noticed that I have a bit of difficulty telling people exactly what this is like. You have to experience it all alone and it’s a very individual experience. One persons deal will be quite different than anothers. As individual as we are anyway, basically.


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