Carrie and Me

Carol_Burnett_book_CarrieandMeby Carol Burnett

(an audiobook review)

The ease of audiobooks are wonderful in a time when multitasking is a necessity. The idea that you can exercise or knit or finish up the laundry and wash while reading is very appealing to those who have actually tried it. Of course, it’s generally more relaxing if the subject matter is more entertaining than technical or educational. When I use audiobooks I am usually pressed for time or trying to fill in my reading schedule while getting something else accomplished. I highly recommend it.
Carol Burnett’s book about her amazing daughter Carrie Hamilton is more than just a pastime read, it is a tribute to her life. The fact that she is the voice on her own book made it more of a delight and something about the way she wrote it and then recorded it for public consumption makes you feel like you’re sitting down to breakfast with her and listening to her story right where you live. She has taken this concept to a new level.
Her history with her daughter was a mixture of tumult, tenacity, tender love and then, finally, having to let go. If you look at the different accomplishments that Carrie made in her relatively short life and compare it to what we know about Carol Burnett you understand that this daughter would not have been able to do all of it without having Ms. Burnett as her mother and not because of her acting and comedic talent or money but because she was the kind of mother everyone ought to have, to be honest. When Carrie went through the teen addict stage she did everything in her power to help her beat the odds and beat the addictions. She risked being hated by her own daughter out of love and that’s a tough role to play.
Later on, after Carrie had gone on with her life (free from addictions!) Carol supported her every move while she watched her grow as a person and a talented artist, writer and dramatist. The letters she reads from Carrie at this period are full of wisdom and pathos. Enough of it to cause you to sob in seeing her come to a real knowledge of herself and her personal powers.
Even later, when the unreal diagnosis of cancer becomes imminent and all too present, Carrie surprises even her mother with her loving ways, bulldog courage and an unprecedented acceptance of the inevitable when there was nothing left to do. As you listen to all the dialogue it is difficult to imagine someone could live so much of life in such a short period of time. Her quick and hard-won maturity are an inspiration. I highly recommend either the audiobook or in printed form just to get a dose of real life and a study in overcoming adversity with true victory. Carol Burnett shows the way in this wonderful narrative account.

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