Fun, Fun, Fun Web Site for Summer

If you haven’t yet discovered you owe it to yourself to check it out. All the items they sell are a hodgepodge of something you had no idea was available and will probably buy on a whim and a dream. Take for instance the personal library kit. This product which is produced by a company called Knock, Knock is offered at a 20% discount online and give you all the apparatus you need to turn your small library of actual books into a highly organized lending library. No more lost or stolen books and no more worries about keeping your friends honest. The disclaimer on the package is long but says it all:

There’s no greater pleasure than sharing beloved books but there is no crueler pain than losing them for good- until the Personal Library kit.

It contains date stamp, pencil, catalog cards and special stickers that reminds every borrower of your library where the heck they got that book from in the first place. Clever.

ColorblockRoller_FredflareThen there’s the Where I’ve Been Scratch Map in a travel edition. I liked this pair of roller skates. They’re standard but still so colorful, don’t you think? The Salami notes were also quite clever. Their blog is filled with lots of fun summer things to do and it’s updated almost every hour. They have a lot to say on that site ! ! I found this little number on it:

strip2013-06-02_7Have you ever checked out ? It is absolutely the most fun and entertaining web site on the net as far as I’m concerned. Yes, it’s set up to entertain kids but anyone will get a kick out of it and you’ll find yourself returning again and again to test yourself, see what’s new and get warned that if you steal anything you’ll be dealing not with Jon Arbuckle’s lawyer but as a matter of fact Jim Davis’ advocate- but in an entertaining way. If you get hooked don’t say I didn’t warn you…

VictorianTradingCoIf you are into all things Victorian then you have to check out because you’ll find just about anything from that era and any price range you can think of- and if you get lost on the web site just go back to the homepage and you can still request mailed brochures that show a very good sampling of what is offered online and off as well. I love to pore over these catalogs and I always find something in my price range that I love and have to have !

If you like to read nonsense and comedy is your thing then you must go to even though when you get there you will not get to know this guy. In fact, he may either be autistic, a loner or he’s just generally antisocial but he’s definitely funny and so are his books. You will find those at Amazon, of course. I think he’s got a blog but it’s rather difficult to tell. If you find out for sure, will you let me know its whereabouts? Thanks.   


I’ve probably used up all your internet time by now but I want you to check out one more. Check out this great web site below and when you are done perusing it come back and tell me, in the comments of this blog, what would make that web site more fun. If you say “put up England, dude” I’ll whack you with a wet noodle because I already know about that but if you can think of what you might want to see or you think I need a different approach then I will be eternally grateful for your input. I not only want you to love castles but I want you to love my web site, too.



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