Transitions and Commitments

cotswold_map2014 will be a challenging year for me which I hope will yield voluminous progress toward my goals for finishing English Castles on this blog. Getting England on my official web site restored and extended and a positive change in my life for my basic living situation, which has become the biggest barrier to achieving my goals, is also on the roster. Hence, the title. I have discovered that there is nothing so difficult as keeping writing commitments while trying to effect a drastic change in home base, make a working income and garnering favor from the public (i.e. marketing.)The past year consisted mostly of spinning my wheels and getting nowhere with the added frustration of not getting help from a single person I know in getting my outside projects done. Let’s face it, I took an entire year writing about one county (Oxfordshire) when I wanted to finish southern England! Only a few years ago I covered Northumberland with about eight entries in a couple of months.
oxfordshire_map_pre-1974I’m now the kind of person who needs a cook, laundress, housekeeper, 600443secretary, accountant, gofer, mover, receptionist and web master. Instead, that’s what I’ve been doing with nearly all my time instead of getting to the business of writing. Doing occasional clients for my nail tech business has been another time consuming sideline when it used to be my primary source of income. By the way, that is ten different jobs- if my counting isn’t off! If I could pay myself I’d get out of Dodge and go on a long, delayed vacation. The last one was back in 2003 if my memory is still serving me well. Grieving is a long slow process and mine was delayed with endless, thankless tasks in 2013. That is, unless, of course, I started thanking myself every time something got done other than my writing. Believe it or not, I’ve thanked myself a couple of times.
Glyme_Valley_kidsHaving said all that, I’m going to make predictions for what I can get accomplished this year instead of resolutions. That seems to make more sense and it may be easier to keep that type of schedule rather than make goals that get knocked down like bowling pins every time I have to quit writing and scrub the floors or some similar rubbish. If this sounds particularly negative I want you to know that I’m just being honest. I don’t want to let down my faithful readers. So, to come a little closer to finishing my goal of getting southern England covered before this year is over I’m going to temporarily suspend writing about modern architecture and concentrate on medieval castles only. My book for England will consist only of castles, anyway, so I’m going to keep my eyes on the prize this year. We can catch up on the rest at a later time.
My other blogs may be rather quiet for awhile, with the exception ofBurford_town while I forge on to finish the above mentioned projects. During the interim, I will most likely either be changing my living space around for convenience sake or I may be moving to a completely different locale. Either way, it will be exciting and positive changes, I assure you. Anything would be positive by comparison to what I have gone through in 2013. For my faithful readers, I promise to keep you posted so that you won’t be tempted to send me panicky e-mails wanting to know my whereabouts or if I’m still alive. It’s hard to tell on the internet sometimes, isn’t it ? I don’t want to cause undue concern and want you all to know that I will not abandon the England project under any circumstances. Think positive thoughts, keep me in your prayers for only good things to happen- like a fat book contract !- and keep the faith. If I can, you can, too !

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One Response to Transitions and Commitments

  1. Félicitations !
    C’est avec grand plaisir que je viens t’annoncer que tu viens d’ être nominée pour ton merveilleux blog afin de recevoir le Prix «The Cracking Chrispmouse Bloggywog Award.
    Ce sera à vérifier sur mon blog en date du 11 février 2014 lorsqu’il sera publié.
    Continue ton très bon travail fort apprécié de tous et toutes ! Merci.


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