A mother’s love and a child’s response

Chamonix_Ski_ChaletDuring the eighteen months ensuing the passing of my mother I have been about the intense business of sorting through her possessions, financial records and personal effects, single-handedly. Among all this unorganized maze of the possessions of her life I have found what amounts to, at least, two books worth of her writing. Some of the work is memoir material and poetry of which one has been recently accepted for publication, posthumously. It may seem a little over-sentimental of me, but I find that most of the cards she saved from friends, family and patrons are extremely touching. I have had a very emotional year and a half. Further, the closeness conveyed by individuals outside the family are almost miraculous with expressions showing me she was truly loved by many people.
I have been equally impressed with what she saved from family. One curiosity, InnOccidental_CA_HomeSweetHomehowever, which I found with non-related material from her financial desk moved me to tears in shock of recognition. I believe that the following card text was meant for me to find. It was unsigned and inside was tucked a smaller card which I recognized as the name card which came with flowers for mother’s day fifteen years ago. I, of course, had to add more to the name card than just mother! I believe her sentiments are the thought of every mother who cherishes her children and conversely my text is also the way a mother wants to be remembered by her children. Nothing beats a mother’s love save for the grateful heart of a loving child…

( Front of the card)
The other day you smiled at me and in that moment
many memories flooded my mind-
Your very first smile and the joy it brought me…
that mischievous smile that softened my heart
when you were caught and knew it…
the smile that has communicated love so many times
when the words weren’t there.
(inside the card)
One thing I want you to do is keep smiling-
for you are loved by God
and close friends,
and I will always love you too.

The God of love and peace shall be with you. -2 Corinthians 13:11

(my flower card, titled For you on Mother’s Day handwritten)
A mother is very special kind of friend. One that would lay down her very life in defense of your own.
A mother is the very essence of your life, from beginning to end and in between
and into the next world.
If you are sad or bad,
happy or snappy,
angry or hungry,
tired or fired,
depressed or oppressed,
a simple cry of mother will see you through the day.

A mother is all the good things in life.

Love, Evelyn
to my dear Mommy



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