Memorial Day’s Heroes

This year I decided to put up this poem as a reminder to all United States citizens that our freedoms, blessings and power came at a great cost to the men who serve in our military. Whatever they have had to endure, many felt that the sacrifice was for all of us to continue to enjoy being a citizen of this wonderful country. Let’s not forget those who died but let us also honor those who came home and continue to struggle everyday because they chose to defend our country. They paid a price, regardless, so let’s honor that sacrifice with prayer and help wherever and whenever we can. That is our duty. The Castle Lady

17027So many soldiers are living on the street
With their spirits broken and their lives in defeat.

What must they think as they look around
With people passing by
Eyes staring at the ground !

ArlingtonCemetaryDoes anger fill them up inside
When we turn away?
Who will pay the debt we owe ?
Are there any who can say ?

What if, at that moment, just once, instead
We saluted them in honor with our
right hand to our head ?

Let’s let them know that they aren’t ghosts
Let’s thank them for their bravery,
being braver than most.

Lovelife_BBraveIf everyone would show them just a little bit of grace
We just might see a lot of their deepest pain erased.

This is for all the heroes still fighting to live
And for heroes like you who continue to give.
If you see someone alone who seems really lost
Please stop and remember what our freedom cost.

Edited and reworked by Evelyn M. Wallace

With a salute and a hug,

U.S.A.The Castle Lady


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