All about the Hits !

It’s been a long time in between the present and the last time I posted the hits on this blog since it’s been a WordPress blog. So, here’s something on the stats Papillon_16especially for all my faithful followers. This blog started out as an MSN Live Space only eight years ago but it accrued a lot of hits before I ever migrated to WordPress in 2011. At that time I had built up 67,375 hits which was very high considering what average hits for blogs were in those days. If you scroll down the entirety of this homepage you’ll find the hits I’ve accrued since migrating and you can add that to my migration stat up above to keep the numbers fresh. That amounts to 130,143 hits right now as I’m writing. In a couple of seconds it will be more! Nice !

Just to be different this time I thought I’d add a few more fun facts which might interest my readers:

Papillon_20On December 17th 2012 this blog clocked a milestone in the most hits ever in one day at 177 ! That’s pretty high considering that the average day of hits for this blog is between 40- 50 ! Before that day my all time high number of hits in one day remained at 148 from February 17th 2011 only a short time after migrating my blog! It took awhile to beat that stat but I remember that my first post on WordPress was on Valentine’s day and the title of my entry was Red May be My Only Color ! Apparently everybody loved it.

My recent Berkeley Castle entry got the most hits ever for a single entry in one day at 133 on May 7, 2014, two days after it was posted ! We’ll see if anything ever tops that- and if it does I’ll be sure to let you know.

Toodles !

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2 Responses to All about the Hits !

  1. Richard says:

    Interesting posts attract readers. Your blogs on castles are so well written. I read them as if they were a tourist guide book- knowledgeable, interesting and well illustrated.

    Oh, yes, red may be your only colour. I do seem to remember you in a red dress in a blog of yours. That reminds me of the song ” A Lady in Red”.

    Keep up with your excellent work. I don’t have much time reading and writing nowadays, but I try to top up your hits from time to time.


    • Evelyn says:

      Hi Richard ! What a pleasure to see a comment from you on here ! Thanks for the nice words- you are so encouraging ! Yes. I don’t wear red often enough but when I do I get lots of compliments. Thanks for taking the time to stop and drop me a line. I hope you are fine. ; )


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