Autumn is Harvest Time

Put together enough of the right elements and you can improve everything by taking it in the context of this special time of year we call fall or autumn. To me, there is something more special about this season than any other. The scents are heady outdoors and inside in the warmth there is brewing, baking and dessert making that will fill your head with the rich scent of all the harvests- what we reap from summer. The colors of our lives become earthy and vibrant and the environment feels more healthy and alive. The tapestry of autumn is rich and magnificent. Enjoy !
– The Castle Lady


In Harvest-time, harvest folk
servants and all,
Should make all together
good cheer in the hall,
And fill the black bowl
Of blyth to their song,
And let them be merry,
all harvest-time long.

Thomas Tusser
an Elizabethan farmer-poet

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2 Responses to Autumn is Harvest Time

  1. permsoul says:

    Hello from Western South Dakota! It is our favorite time of year as well! Such beautiful rich colors! Have a beautiful Fall/Autumn Season!


  2. Evelyn says:

    It’s so good to hear from you Laura. How are you and Doug getting along ? We’re having a very long Indian Summer here in Denver along with the change to autumn. Every once in a while that happens here in Denver. It’ll get as cold as 45 degrees and night and shoot up to 90 or higher during the middle of the day ! It’s WILD ! Say hello to Doug for me and give him big kiss !


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