Fake Engine Noise?

Chevy_58_I know you won’t quite believe this but brand new automobiles are going to sound like supercar jalopies this year. That’s right. Your ears aren’t deceiving you ! Look outside some time for a spell and you’ll find that what you thought was a gang car rally going on in your neighborhood isn’t anything of the sort ! At least you won’t have to go to the next town meeting to complain. No. You can send your complaints directly to the manufacturers of these auditory monstrosities and tell them off for disturbing whatever little peace we still have in 2015.
Camaro_Z-28_69It seems as though car dealers were having a hard time selling their Mustangs, F-150s, Porsches and BMWs without having a sound of what is perceived as power in a vehicle. Never mind that the noise has nothing to do with thrust- people must have their noise or they don’t think they’re getting their money’s worth ! What do you think of that ? For all those people ignorant of how a car runs these days I have only one thing to state: Without that noise your fuel efficient engine will perform just the same sans the mind-blowing roar that sends most people running for their earphones and plugs.
Corvette_Roadster_1954What the manufacturers have done is add fake engine noise through special pipes or digitally into the engines. Automakers are telling us that they resort to this chicanery because they understand a key car-buyer paradox: Drivers want all the force and fuel saving of a newer and better engine but with the classic sounds of the cars they gave up for dead a long time ago. If this makes sense to anybody then I’m definitely on the wrong planet.
FordFocusMustang now has what is called an EcoBoost and sound engineers developed an active noise control system which amplifies the engine’s noise through the inside sound speakers ! This was done with the approval of Mustang purchasers who were consulted through fan clubs on which “sound concepts they most enjoyed.” Oh brother! Ford’s spokesmen have stated that a vintage V8 engine boom “has long been considered the mating call of Mustang,” and additionally, “it is athletic and youthful with a more refined growl and low-frequency sense of powerfulness.” The same trickery is used on the new F-150 which is a six-cylinder job whose noise comes primarily from the speakers and not particularly the engine.
Cadillac_Eldorado_58Even manufacturers of electric cars are using artificial engine noise with the claim that these cars usually run so noiselessly that they can fool inattentive or hard-of-hearing pedestrians and even the blind- who are generally thought to have a keener sense of hearing out of necessity. So they get a thumbs up from Federal safety officials who will finalize the laws governing a requirement that all hybrids and electrics must play fake engine sounds to alert anyone within hearing range of the vehicles !
Mazda6_40It has it’s place, I suppose and I’m all for saving lives but I wish that they’d ignored the people who don’t seem to think anything is powerful unless it overpowers your auditory nerves to the breaking point. It’s unnecessary, insipid and inconsiderate. To use a very old adage: cars are just like children for the most part- made to be seen but not heard.

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3 Responses to Fake Engine Noise?

  1. J.R.Barker says:

    They look good, at least most of the ones above do, unfortunately people think they need to draw attention to them with noise. I can understand adding noise to an electric car though, I had a friend with an almost silent new car, she’d just passed her test and kept stalling it at the traffic lights and started to panic. She couldn’t hear the bite and wasn’t experienced enough to feel it.


    • Evelyn says:

      Added noise to those electrics and hybrids was a stroke of genius and may save a lot of lives, it’s true and I agree with you there but it isn’t necessary to break our ear drums in the process, though. I’m sure they need to refine the idea so that it works for everyone. Thanks for commenting, by the way. I love feedback. It makes my day !


      • J.R.Barker says:

        No worries 🙂

        I’m waiting until self drive cars come along, then the noise will disappear altogether.
        I have to admit some of the meatier car noises I do like, but only in the context of a track, if it were in a high street or neighbourhood that’s when I call into question the species of the driver.


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