Easter’s Purpose: Jesus Sacrificed for Redemption of Sin

Easter_ThumperWe have lots of good reasons for celebrating holidays that sound so good when we hear them. Touted most often these days is the chance for a family to come together and act like a family. We once were a nation that thrived on being different, holding up individualism and uniqueness and yet more and more of our holidays are beginning to appear to be a boom time for candy manufacturers or selling anything that will sell prolifically for the stated holiday. Green beer for St. Patrick’s Day ? Stuffed bunnies and egg dyeing for Easter- don’t forget the ham ! What nonsense !
The fact that this has happened to Easter, Passover or Resurrection Sunday is a sad statement of our new millennium quest to be politically correct and still observe our faith. Everything about what should be a high holy day for Christians and Messianic Jews is celebrated by the secular world as if it’s no different than some so-called pagan holiday and is a travesty that ought to end. It’s sad to think that a child can be brought up in the United States thinking that an Easter basket filled with toys and candy is the accepted symbol for a resurrection.
To bring us all back down to reality and the truth I thought I’d mention the name Jesus today. Symbolism can be replaced here with another look at how he died- on a cross. He died to set us free of sin. Jesus broke the most onerous curse that besets humankind so easily- our rebellious sin. We really do have a reason to celebrate if we have accepted that Jesus went through a harrowing ordeal to bring us the greatest gift of all. He did all that and now we can be assured of salvation. In honor of this deed, I will close with a poem by an unknown author. It really says it all for today !

Jesus, the name high over all.
In hell, on earth and sky.
Angels and man before it fall;
And devils fear and fly.

Jesus, oh the magic
Of the soft love sound.
How it thrills and trembles
To creation’s bound !

With adoration to our Saviour,


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