Return to Fontainebleau

This poem, written by the ever irrepressible Sara Teasdale, will be making its second appearance on this blog with enhancements in the form of images. I originally posted it here April 5th in 2006- oh, how time flies! Fontainebleau happens to be a castle I have visited (thirteen years ago !) so I decided the poem and the castle deserve a second look. Enjoy this renaissance beauty and if you’d like to see more you can visit my official web site – The Castle Lady

Interminable palaces front on the green parterres,
And ghosts of ladies lovely and immortal
Glide down the gilded stairs,
The high cold corridors are clicking with the heel taps
That long ago were theirs.

But in the sunshine , in the vague autumn sunshine,
The geometric gardens are desolately gay:
The crimson and scarlet and rose-red dahlias
Are painted like the ladies who used to pass this way.
With a ringletted monarch, a Henry or a Louis on a lost October day.

The aisles of the garden lead into the forest,
The aisles lead into autumn, a damp wind grieves,
Ghostly kings are hunting, the boar breaks cover,
But the sounds of horse and horn are hushed in falling leaves,
Four centuries of autumns, four centuries of leaves.

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One Response to Return to Fontainebleau

  1. Evelyn says:

    Tonight I just corrected an almost unforgivable mistake on this entry. If you detect the correction then you’re paying the kind of attention I love in a reader. A simple letter T can make all the difference in the world. hee hee hee hee
    As she leaves the stage ….
    ; ) The Castle Lady


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