Charlie Brown’s Turning Fifty !

Christmas_Peanuts_Hallmark_50yrPerhaps this should come as no surprise to those who grew up with him but for most of the world it’s impossible to believe that such a young-looking chap like him should be pushing mid-life without the crisis. His childhood was enough of a crisis but he’s weathered it without a line, wrinkle or overextended belly. What a guy ! Every holiday that comes along brings him back to our hearts and I can’t help but believe that this is going to be his best year ever! He’s breaking out and watch out when he does! He’s going to dance with that little red-haired girl, win the little league series, have more fun than his dog Snoopy and finally convince Linus that there is, in fact, no Great Pumpkin and to put on his nose and glasses costume and go trick-or-treating ! Bag of rocks ? No problem. He’ll trade it in for a chance to fly with the Red Baron, end up behind the enemy’s Maginot lines and make it back to the café to quaff a few root beers with Snoopy and all his crony WWI flying aces.
Christmas_sidebarFor us, it’s new Peanuts specials to go along with the traditional winter holiday segments that we’ve loved to watch every year for many decades, if not five of them. Just last Tuesday there was an additional historical Thanksgiving holiday segment giving the history of how our country came to be with all the main Peanuts characters into the story line. If you didn’t watch or tape the special you’ll just have to wait until next year to catch Charlie Brown and his pals plus Snoopy navigating the Mayflower and having dinner with Miles Standish. What an honor, huh?
Tonight you can look forward to a new special with actual stars- Kristen Bell and others- singing all the popular Vince Guaraldi hits that have accompanied the Peanuts gangs all these years along with their own tributes to their favorite Peanuts characters. It is coming on before A Charlie Brown Christmas so be prepared to have your socks knocked off before we go into our personal lip-synching Peanuts watching ecstasy. I know that last sentence was over-the-top but we’re talking about some new stuff here, so just join me in the elation I know you’re feeling right now.
Mickey_LOLWe’ve got less than a half hour to get ready so put on the Orville Redenbacher’s and sit tight. Fifty years ! Whoooo-eeee!




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