Hits ! Posts ! Readers ! Castles !

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated my reading public on my hits so I thought I’d share the latest relevant data…

                 150,762 are my total hits for this blog as I write this


                    I’ve posted more than 666 posts since I started

                     this blog many years ago.

Not only that, blogging about castles is still as exciting to me now as the day I started back in November of 2005. To all my readers, who amount to more than  150 currently I thank with all my heart for their support and devotion all these years. There is so much more to come so keep those lines humming and whirring. 





About Evelyn

The Castle Lady Official web site: www.ilovecastles.com other blogs: ilovecastles.blogspot.com evelynsrockpages.blogspot.com evelyns-nailsforlife.blogspot.com
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3 Responses to Hits ! Posts ! Readers ! Castles !

  1. Richard says:

    You are the one who is really awesome, having written so many well-educated articles that I have truly enjoyed. May your good work continue for many years to come and enthrall all your readers.


  2. Anglea says:

    I found your website after a search about Clevedon and think I’m a Castle Lady fan already. I like the mix of subjects too. Might try the toast recipes and I was also looking up more details about the Zone diet.


    • Evelyn says:

      Hi Angie ! I’m glad you liked the the mix. I try to stay as eclectic as I can. One reason for the toast recipes is because of the way manufactured bread is delivered to the public these days it’s almost imperative that we toast or cook it in some fashion. Much of the acceptable brands don’t finish baking bread. It can wad up in your insides back to a dough-y state. French or Italian style ? Same deal. Don’t bather with bread that you can wad up into a ball in your hands. I love the Zone diet by the way. It’s the only diet that makes sense.
      Good luck and good reading !


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