Don’t You Know You’re Going to Shock the Monkey ?

As much as I like to keep a hopeful and optimistic attitude when I begin a new year, this one has me a bit concerned. If I look to follow Chinese New Year traditions and lore, this could be a year which will encourage intelligence and influence coupled with a lot of favor. The Chinese zodiac infers that their twelve year cycle is infallible for determining not only the tone and outcome of a year but also that the year you are born will determine your personality for your entire life. A part of me is just intrigued by this notion since I gave up on the traditional astrological zodiac that people read in the paper everyday long ago. I’ve never been one to follow the occult much beyond what I have read about it, anyway. As a matter of fact, I really don’t feel that anybody remains the same person in their lifetime if they have any success in living. It wouldn’t make sense. Of course we all change because that’s natural and right. Hopefully we all change for the better.
Maybe I like following the Chinese zodiac because it’s so different. Astrological zodiac signs are represented by various animals but also people. The Chinese zodiac is totally represented by animals. There are an equal amount of representatives for both zodiacs- twelve, but for our astrological signs they are represented throughout the year, month-by-month instead of owning any particular year. That’s just the beginning of the differences.
TigerfaceThe basic description of someone born in the year of the monkey is that they are very intelligent and are able to influence people. They are enthusiastic achievers who, unfortunately, are easily discouraged and confused. Further, they should avoid people who are born in the year of the Tiger. People born in the year of the Tiger are described as aggressive, courageous, candid and sensitive. They are encouraged to seek people born in the year of the Dog or Horse for companionship and love. I happened to be born in the year of the Dog so that means we are mutually compatible. It also means that the person born in the year of the Horse is another candidate for myself and they are described as being popular and attractive to the opposite sex and further, that they are often ostentatious and impatient. You get the general idea, right?
The twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac are represented by the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit , dragon, snake, horse, sheep. monkey, rooster, dog and boar. I wonder who got to pick which animals to use? Notice that the monkey is the ninth sign ? To find out which sign you were born into check out . Remember that you will be most compatible with someone not born in the same animal year. If you do seek out people born into the same sign, they will very often be twelve years younger or older than yourself! There’s something to ponder right there! However, usually Chinese zodiacs encourage most people to search out their compatible group animal signs like I mentioned in my third paragraph above. Consult the Astrology Club to find out which ones fit with your sign and if you don’t know which animal you are then you can find that out, too. Most Chinese restaurants have all this info on their place-mats which you can take home.
EA_monkeyNot to read too much into this thing I started thinking about all the quips and expressions there are about monkeys in the English language. There is just the slang word itself. How about someone who monkeys around ? What’s all that monkey business ? Or how about people who are always throwing a monkey wrench into the works? It sounds like a lot of monkey shines to me! In truth, according to the above mentioned Astrological Club, Monkeys love fun and games. In keeping with this monkey business, the number 9 is associated with ambition, activity, smartness, mischief and adventure. Like other primates, monkeys are very similar to humans in their social organization and approach to life. They are the animal that most closely matches our intelligence and thus serves as a constant reminder to continue to build and use our own knowledge through imagination and play. However, unlike other primates, monkey spiritual totems typically symbolize humor, child’s play, and animated and comedic situations. Remember Curious George? While other primates like gorillas and orangutans (which are actually apes and not monkeys) can be considered the serious guardians or wise elders of the community, monkeys are viewed with lighthearted playfulness wrapped in deep devotion and love. Monkeys are dedicated to their tribe and live in extended yet tight family units. These characteristics will rule 2016.
What does all this speculation mean? Well, your guess is as good as mine I suppose but I would find out what year your closest companions were born and find out what is really residing in that head you thought only liked video games and practical jokes. There might be a genius hiding in there but trying to get out. Yeah, right, huh ?

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