Destination Weddings at Castles

Neuschwanstein_castleGetting married in an authentic castle or castle hotel has become more popular and much easier than you might think. Only a small budget may stop you from having the ultimate fantasy wedding. Online services, such as, are available to handle the arrangements for castle hotel services but they may be too expensive, in and of themselves, and quite possibly unnecessary. For quite a while now, strictly genuine historical castles in Europe and England have been literally rolling out the royal red carpet for those who avail themselves of what they offer in amenities and their services to event clients and their guests. If you thought getting married at Neuschwanstein Castle or Mont Saint Michel would be an impossible dream, think again. It is not only possible but the employees who run castle hotels and these historical edifices routinely make the entire spectrum of wedding arrangements for their potential honeymooning clients and may make it more economical, in certain cases, than an online service which specializes in destination weddings. Leaving the arrangements in the hands of the actual venues may save you time, trouble, mistakes and even considerable amounts of money. Obtaining the information you need to contact these venues is only as far away as the internet and my books which impart locations, photos and amenities you need for specified research.
Mont_St_Michel_med_tideHow do I know this is true? Well, on my first castle trip to Europe I saw no less than three weddings, in progress, at three genuine castles- Mont St. Michel (off the northern coast of France), Heidelberg in Germany and Hohensalzburg in Austria. My tour guide at Mont St. Michel asked a wedding coordinator, who said she was an employee of the castle, if they were allowing a wedding party we witnessed to actually stay at the castle for the honeymoon and she answered that the newlyweds could stay “as long as a week” with the apartments they had available. We were both surprised and so, back at home late in 2001, I started e-mailing historical castles and sites when doing research and sure enough, many were available whether a hotel, strictly historical or museums! Landmark Trust has hundreds upon hundreds of unusual historical properties for rent at or nearby listed historical castles and stately homes, such as Highclere Castle- better known to PBS viewers as Downton Abbey!
Heritage_Britain&Ireland For well over a decade now, my extensive research has revealed a plethora of these historical properties. My forthcoming travel guides aimed specifically for travelers, destination events and wedding consumers in mind will help you find what you really want and give you all the pertinent information to find the venue that suits you the best- specifications and budgets in mind. Having an online service make your arrangements may save you the trouble of doing any research at all but they do not perform this service without charge. With my advice, guidance and simplified guides you will be able to contact the venue of your choice and be able to make arrangements directly with the people who will coordinate your Hudsons_2011desires at a local level. In England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland the choices are vast and even castle museums are very accommodating to guests which have wedding and event plans in mind. Additionally, they are experts for their respective venue and have coordinated- in many cases- hundreds upon hundreds of these events and weddings. They plan along with you and will get you the best deals almost trouble-free.

Hist_189_Cover-5rs%20web%20RGBMy guides will supply a rich source of photos of the historic castles, castle and manor hotels- providing pertinent contact information and web sites. You’ll be able to make your destination event a rich experience by being able to visit other castles in your locality with the book’s layout and information will include sufficient data to make informed decisions when you contact individual venues and delineating restraints regulated by the size of your purse. You won’t have to be fabulously rich. In many cases your choices can be marvelously economical, as well. Stay connected with this blog to find out, in the near future, how you can obtain your very own copy of the Castle Lover’s Guide to England; the first in a series devoted to providing those who are intrigued by castles to find, visit and stay in castles all over the world.



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