The Bible as Poetry

young_walt_whitmanby Walt Whitman

Translated in all languages, how has it united this diverse world !

No true bard will ever contravene the Bible. If the time ever comes when iconoclasm does its extremest in one direction against the books of the Bible in its present form, the collection must still survive in another and dominate just as much as hitherto, or more than hitherto, through its divine and primal poetic structure.

To me, that is the living and definite element- principle, ( if you will) – of the work, evolving everything else. Then the continuity, the oldest and newest Asiatic utterance and character and all between holding together, like the apparition of the sky and coming to us the same.

Even to our 19th century here are the fountain heads of song!



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One Response to The Bible as Poetry

  1. Evelyn says:

    For Walt’s poetry I can recommend one poem on this blog titled O Glad, Exulting, Culminating Song and he’s been such a great muse to me that I have used some lines of his poetry in one of mine such as With the Tide and the Sunset . My poem The Twenty-Ninth Bather is a reaction to one of his most controversial poems. You can check them out right here. Just click on the related links above.
    The Castle Lady ; )


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