A Season of Miracles

For me, Easter and Earth Day are almost synonymous because both signify a God-gifted ability to resurrection, rebirth and eternal renewal. No other time of year is quite the same because the other seasons follow a predictable pattern. Spring is miraculous! You can look at a tree one day and it may appear almost dead and then, overnight, it will be full of budding leaves. By the next morning it may already be blossoming and perfuming the air with a scent so lively it can make you almost giddy.
Many of Spring’s flowers will show up early- like a surprise- and in different numbers. Calla Lilies, Amaryllis, Tulips and Daisies, perhaps even dandelions which can be so prolific and early that they are scorned as weeds by many but not by the bees, however.
The earliest (and sometimes the sneakiest) are the daffodils which are my favorite spring flower. They are so delicate and fleeting that a nursery rhyme has immortalized them forever. It goes like this:

Daffy-down-dilly is now come to town
With a petticoat green and
A bright yellow gown.

Interestingly, the daffodil is a member of the Amaryllis family even though it appears quite different from them and it is referred to by garden geniuses as Narcissus Pseudonarcissus. They are easy to grow but are finicky about location since they like partial shade. They like to hide under trees much like human book worms but need a natural reading light just the same ! They are most prolific in number in well-watered areas or around lakes with lots of tree shade. Mine grow right next to a lilac bush and seem so happy that they haven’t moved for quite a few years!

If you are puzzled a bit about why your daffodils and other spring flowers seem to be in a different place each year you are not losing your mind. Most spring flowers (which start from bulbs) travel by rhizomes which can go great distances over time. Lily of the Valley and Daffodils are just a few of these nomadic spring flowers.

If my daffodils do anything different besides this, they sometimes decide to look like a different type of daffodil as there are several varieties with short or very long stems. In addition to that I get very few and the numbers are always different. I usually don’t get more than three but I got four of them this year. I guess daffodils don’t want to be boring! I wouldn’t be surprised if I found a bunny eating my flowers this year. Those seem to be showing up unannounced, too, these days. Have a wonderful Earth Day filled with the wonder and splendor of Spring !

from The Castle Lady




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