Back to the Lucky Dog!

This is going to be a lucky year for me. I could use some really good luck about now and I’m going to put any that comes my way to good use. Of course, to me, good luck would be extra time on my hands to get all my castle work done and on time. An actual steady income of any amount would look like fantastic luck and an opportunity to get over to England to get my on-site inspections and photos done would be about the most fabulous luck I could hope for or ever need, I think!

      Let me explain. According to Chinese astrology this is the Year of the Dog and I happened to be born in the year of the Dog so I’m elated that things should take a turn for the best in 2018. There’s more to Chinese astrology than that but the good luck part is a basic premise that really makes me happy. There’s something to it, also, because when I look back at the horoscope years- my best years correlate with the Dog years of the past! 2006 was a very good year for me for making new friendships, good fortune ($ !), and great ideas.

      Every year each person is affected by the animal of the year (Rabbit, Horse, Monkey or Tiger..there are more!) in good or adverse ways depending on how you get along with the different animals. (There are 12 altogether in the Chinese Zodiac.) The Dog is described thus in most descriptions that you’ll find on a chart:

     Loyal and honest, you work well with others. Generous yet stubborn and often selfish. Look to the Horse or Tiger for friendship. Watch out for Dragons!

Another one says:

     Essentially Dogs are honest and noble people. They are champions of justice and see things in black and white. Dogs have lively minds and quick tongues. Dog are cynics as well as idealists with high moral standards but they are full of doubts and anxieties.

     (Sometimes, in Chinese restaurants, they have printed place mats that you can take home which give a good lowdown on all the different animals and descriptions of their characters and the animals they do or don’t get along with or those that are compatible.)

     While I don’t think either one of those descriptions is totally accurate about me, I noticed that honesty is brought up twice and it’s true that I am often honest to a fault. I have to remind myself that people have feelings and you need to adjust your words to be kind and not brutally blunt. Sometimes you have to be brutally blunt, too. Situations factor in, too.

     At any rate, this gives you an idea of how Chinese astrology works. I like anything that gives me a different perspective on the world. I don’t think it’s selfish or greedy to expect a year of good luck every twelve years, either. Everyone could use that, don’t you think ? By the way, is it possible to be generous and selfish? If I win the PCH sweepstakes I’ll have a chance to find out I dare say !

     There is a wonderful web site available to discover your animal year and how the Year of the Dog will affect your animal sign. Check out and you can find out all about the predictions and different aspects concerning your life this year. Oh, and Happy New Year !

The Castle Lady

Good Luck!

Woof-woof !


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2 Responses to Back to the Lucky Dog!

  1. Richard says:

    The Year of Dog is going to be a lucky year, especially so as it is 2018. The number 18 is also a lucky number. London celebrated the Chinese New Year on Sunday 18th February at Trafalgar Square and the surrounding areas in the now customary tradition with lion dance and dragon dance, boosted by stage performance by singers, dancers and artists from mainland China. The celebration of Chinese New Year in London is the biggest outside China, drawing large crowds throughout the day, with all roads closed to traffic. The weather was fine, which made a big difference. My family enjoyed a good day out. Our celebration has continued with a large banquet this evening with my wider family. All the adults gave red packets of “lucky” money to children and adult children. Everyone has had such great fun.

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  2. Evelyn says:

    Wow. I didn’t know all that so I learned something this time around. The Buddhist temple down the street celebrated it from the 18th – 25th but it was on our calendars for the 25th. I’ll have to check out London for Chinese New Year next year! Oh, and Good Luck !


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