Game 3- Wow ! GSW did it again !

Wow! What a game tonight was- and I could just tell KD- that’s Kevin Durant- would be a major cause of this 3/0 upset! Actually I’m not surprised but something I found on Twitter last Saturday did ! Check this out…     Apparently they were both originally signed on with the Seattle Super Sonics back in 2007. The coincidence of them both making the NBA championship finals could not have been guessed at if you see the difference in how their careers have run. Up until 2016 Kevin stayed loyal and true to the Sonics and even made the transition when the Super Sonics became OKC Thunder. Jeff’s career has been riddled with injuries and even a life-threatening disease and he’s been around quite a bit. But look how their different experiences still brought them to the same finals, eventually, and playing on opposing teams.

Life is more than a song.

It’s a veritable trip, that’s what it is !

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