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We’ve got hits!

Lots and lots and lots of hits… 105,487 to be exact. Thanks to everyone who has been instrumental in some way to the success of this blog. With love, The Castle Lady Advertisements

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Computing: A Hacker’s Dictionary

Eleven years ago, after having been improperly introduced to the world of computers a few years prior and not yet introduced to the internet but only the world of intranet, I found this enlightening, tongue-in-cheek dictionary designed to help people … Continue reading

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Unexpected Delays….

     If you are wondering about my fortnight of silence on my blog I have an easy explanation which might surprise you as much as it surprised me.            Without going into a lengthy explanation just let me say that I watched my … Continue reading

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Zero Gravity, Recliner Seats, Convenient Internet… You’re Good to Go !

     The travel industry itself doesn’t generally come forth with very many clever ideas. Sometimes I feel that the airlines, coaches and other carriers for travel have forgotten they are carrying human beings. So when something comes along to make travel … Continue reading

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¿Como protejo mi celular de virus?

  or How Can I Protect My Cell Phone From Viruses ? from my Friends module, Ivan Marquez!  wrote : ¿Como protejo mi celular de virus?                                                                 ????? Antes que otra cosa es necesario hacer incapié en que nuestra seguridad personal depende … Continue reading

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A good way to use the embed videos feature

Try creating a podcast of your very own!      Here’s how to start:           First you will need a microphone, if you don’t already have one,  & make sure there are fairly good acoustics in the room you will be making … Continue reading

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Intel Core 2 Duo!

Israeli Innovation   Headlines are being made because the world’s largest chipmaker launched Intel Core 2 Duo processors last month. They will systematically be installed in consumer, business and laptop personal computers.      "The Core 2 Duo processors are simply … Continue reading

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