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Tasty Toast Tricks

If you like toast as much as I do you’ll have fun with these recipes because they’re easy, really good and save a lot of cooking time. Plain toast with regular butter usually does it for me. Sometimes, though, even … Continue reading

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Wellness = Nutrition + Exercise

By now you have probably read more than a hundred articles on proper nutrition and diets if you have been online for more than a few years and you follow the health and wellness trends with any amount of fervor. … Continue reading

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Run for the Roses 2014

If you get in on it now you’ll be able to watch the 140th Kentucky Derby with me today. I decided to honor the Year of the Horse by saying something about this momentous event which takes place every year … Continue reading

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2013 Year of the Snake

By using a mirror of brass you may see to adjust your cap; By using antiquity as a mirror you may learn to foresee the rise and fall of empires. – T’ai Tsung     There was a King of … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone !

With warm wishes and hot holiday dishes, The Castle Lady   Yum.

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More Cake Fun for Mother’s Day !

     If you’ve been musing over doing something different for Mother’s Day or you just have not a clue what would be a fresh, new idea for the supernatural creature who gave you life I have the solution this year which will … Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Castle Cake ! !

Okay. Just in case you think I’ve gone over the edge with these castles I’m going to show you just how fun they can be! Today I’m going to show you how to make your very own renaissance castle cake … Continue reading

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