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Game 3- Wow ! GSW did it again !

Wow! What a game tonight was- and I could just tell KD- that’s Kevin Durant- would be a major cause of this 3/0 upset! Actually I’m not surprised but something I found on Twitter last Saturday did ! Check this … Continue reading

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Don’t You Know You’re Going to Shock the Monkey ?

As much as I like to keep a hopeful and optimistic attitude when I begin a new year, this one has me a bit concerned. If I look to follow Chinese New Year traditions and lore, this could be a … Continue reading

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It’s a KO !

It’s that time of year again. The Kentucky Derby is in full swing. Josh Groban just finished singing The Star Spangled Banner and this year It’s a Knockout is in the running to win along with American Pharaoh who is … Continue reading

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Run for the Roses 2014

If you get in on it now you’ll be able to watch the 140th Kentucky Derby with me today. I decided to honor the Year of the Horse by saying something about this momentous event which takes place every year … Continue reading

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Joust or Jest ?

The Middle Age dilemma… it wasn’t really about crazy, not crazy OR zany for that matter only survival of the fittest. That’s no joking matter folks! The Castle Lady

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Birdman is Back and How about those Denver Nuggets ?

and other great news… Back in November I put up an entry about several topics in sports but wrote at length about the disappearance of Birdman Chris Andersen after the Nuggets opted out of his contract. Coach Karl hadn’t been … Continue reading

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When the world no longer makes sense…

someone will ask you and  later they’ve made you so nuts you’re break dancing like a pro… A week ago I decided to take my power back from all these crazies and just today I remembered a quote from out … Continue reading

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Summer Olympics 2012, Jubilee, Royal Wedding and a baby…

Even if you watched the Summer Olympics in London this year and have been diligent about keeping up with the news on English royalty you may still have missed the tidbit that Big Ben (the huge clock tower at the … Continue reading

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Birdman, NBA and Football

Well, the NBA fall season is here with plenty of leaves and only a few stays. Specifically in the Nuggets case- how about Lawson’s haul of 48 million dollars for an extension of four more years? I wish someone would … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened to the NBA ?

2 words:     Lockout and the unforgiveable Pay to Play.     Oh for the good old days of Michael and insane salaries, huh ?   Hope springs eternal, The Castle Lady

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