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Puffins in Peril

Taking into consideration that this may be your first view of a puffin you may be intrigued as to what exactly a puffin is and where it might be found. Upon my first view of this incredible air, land & … Continue reading

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Do you know about International Women’s Day ?

My introduction to International Women’s Day started with a card I received from my long-time Russian pen pal when we were both teenagers in the late 70s. I had never heard of it prior to her greeting but I have … Continue reading

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Birdman, NBA and Football

Well, the NBA fall season is here with plenty of leaves and only a few stays. Specifically in the Nuggets case- how about Lawson’s haul of 48 million dollars for an extension of four more years? I wish someone would … Continue reading

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Nuggets Without Camby ? ?

             As a rule I don’t usually discuss politics of professional sports teams and one of the reasons why is because I believe it can really spoil a person’s enjoyment of the game- whatever it may be. This … Continue reading

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World Cup Blues

    Pushed too far? Maybe.                                                         If you are more than slightly miffed about the outcome of the way the final match between France and Italy came out, you can join a club. It’s called the World Cup Blues Club … Continue reading

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This is very off-subject but I have felt the need to write about this subject for quite some time. I know people don’t want to hear about privation but it is something that people who live in Appalachia have to … Continue reading

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