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Go Green All the Way…

on Saint Patrick’s Day!      Since the 17th century Ireland has been in a state of intractable political issues with the United Kingdom- best known to us as Great Britain. Although North Ireland has been a part of the … Continue reading

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A Queen’s Halloween

When most people, and especially Americans, think of or celebrate this enigmatic holiday they think of costumes for children and adults alike, prepare themselves for trick-or-treaters by buying more candy than they could ever consume in a year and/or decorate … Continue reading

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La Nuit de l’Epouvante á Chateau de Chillon

A Swiss château at Montreux will be the site of a magnificent new attraction for the season this year as Europe prepares for celebrations that embrace what was once a holiday unique to the U.S. for many decades. Its timing … Continue reading

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A slice of A Christmas Carol

The Second of the Three Spirits– (last gasp of stave three ) “A merry Christmas and a happy New Year to the old man, whatever he is!” said Scrooge’s nephew. “He wouldn’t take it from me but he may have … Continue reading

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9/11 seventeen years later

I believe for my regular readers it is common knowledge that I was on my very first grand castle tour when 9/11 happened. Many years have passed and the most memorable event for me was coming home to Denver a … Continue reading

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Puffins in Peril

Taking into consideration that this may be your first view of a puffin you may be intrigued as to what exactly a puffin is and where it might be found. Upon my first view of this incredible air, land & … Continue reading

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Buckinghamshire’s Baileys and Barbicans Stretching out fifty miles north of London and Windsor Castle’s boundaries, Buckinghamshire became a hostile area toward castles during the middle ages. Long-abandoned Norman edifices include Buckingham Castle, Castlethorpe and Bolebec. Boarstall Tower is the only medieval stone castle … Continue reading

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Scintillating Scilly Isles featuring Star Castle

and other Strongholds Historically, the Scilly Isles were used by pirates and ancient mariners for clandestine respites but even before, in more ancient times, Greek and Roman literature alike referenced the Scillies in myth and legend. The Celtic people professed … Continue reading

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Sleepy Surrey’s Strongholds

Surrey’s charming countryside is surrounded by larger and more encroaching counties than itself- being Hampshire on the west, the Sussex counties along the southern border, Kent on the east and London and Berkshire northeast and northwest, respectively, with Windsor Castle … Continue reading

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What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

  London is wonderful!         The night life is incredible for this occasion and the fireworks will be out of this world…       absolutely mind blowing and beautiful !   Have a wonderful time !    

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