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Humpty-Trumpty’s Big Adventure

Humpty-Trumpty sat on a street named Wall Humpty-Trumpty saw the stock market fall Humpty-Trumpty came up with a scheme To be the best president ever, his ambitious dream.   He formally announced his grandiose aspirations June 16, 2015 with myriad … Continue reading

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     If I asked most people about what family of mammals to which bears belong, I imagine most people would say the bear family quite simply. What is more unique than a bear? They would be justified in thinking this … Continue reading

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Don’t You Know You’re Going to Shock the Monkey ?

As much as I like to keep a hopeful and optimistic attitude when I begin a new year, this one has me a bit concerned. If I look to follow Chinese New Year traditions and lore, this could be a … Continue reading

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Laugh a Little, Smile a Little, Live a Little…

Now that we’re at the threshold of       it’s time to get some serious action going.. or not so serious ! Are you serious ? ! ?  Maybe he just wants to cool off !          How about those crazy kids ? … Continue reading

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DNC stands for Doing Nothing but Celebrating !

The following is a little funny from a very Independant lady, and not necessarily the views of those of MSN live spaces, MSN, Hotmail or even Bill Gates…in that order !      Well, I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that … Continue reading

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Is Paris Hilton a Bad Egg?

Okay, Paris. Truce. If you really mean it when you say you’re going to clean up your act, then I’ll write you a nice song about how nice you really are-since all your friends and your sister says so. OK? Just … Continue reading

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Remember Sniglets?

Anatomical Sniglets (for the unapprised!) Chingrip n. Area where chin meets neck. Used for holding pillow when slipping on pillowcase. Gimplexus n. Rear area of thighs, which must be peeled from car seat on hot summer days. Glarpo n. The juncture … Continue reading

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