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Fake Engine Noise?

I know you won’t quite believe this but brand new automobiles are going to sound like supercar jalopies this year. That’s right. Your ears aren’t deceiving you ! Look outside some time for a spell and you’ll find that what … Continue reading

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Why I Love Jaguars

They’re just so sexy….  fun on the road… easy to handle and when you drive around in an S-Type Jaguar everybody stares in wonderment of what make of car just passed by them! I know them on sight ! Hee … Continue reading

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Is Aqua Your Color?

This unusual vehicle is the future my generation has waited for with anticipation for quite awhile. Remember George Jetson ? The Volkswagen Aqua is described by its 21 year old female designer as an off-road vehicle but it’s designed to … Continue reading

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Bugatti Rises Again ! !

               In recent news a rare 1937 Bugatti sports car, which would hardly be recognized as such in today’s high tech world, was unearthed by relatives of a wealthy English doctor by the name of Harold Carr. One wonders … Continue reading

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